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Basic Package- 10%

Standard Management - Market rate rents (Properties will be managed like a standard management company)

  • Lease enforcement 

  • Lease renewal

  • Maintenance/Repair coordination

  • Notice disbursement 

  • Tenant communication

*Additional separate fees that will be billed separately are: Tenant placement, eviction fees, utility set up, trip charges, lease generation, repairs completed by the property management team and any other request completed outside of the scope of the basic package.

Premium Package- 12%

Above Market Rents -(Properties will be managed in the same way as Pierce’s Properties.  Top Tier Standards Superior to other companies/Highest rents in the valley


  • Lease Enforcement Lease Renewals

  • Maintenance/Repair Coordination

  • Notice disbursement

  • Service of Legal Documents

  • All tenant Communication

  • Tenant Screening including Background Check and Interview with Property Manager

  • Most Repairs

  • Most Evictions

  • Utility set up

  • Additional Tenant Trips/Visits

  • Repair coordination

  • Lease Generation

*The Pierce Plan is generally all inclusive, some fees may be charged for complicated services, complex repairs, upgrades, etc-

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