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Avoid these 3 common renters mistakes!

Congrats! You are looking to move! Before starting the process, take a look at the op 3 mistakes to avoid during this time!


The first mistake you can make, is NOT reading your lease thoroughly! Make sure to take the time to read the fine details, you never know what can be added into a contract make sure you are fully aware of the things YOU will be taking care of and the things your landlord will be taking care of.


The second mistake you can make, is not documenting the condition of the property when you move in. It is WORTH taking the extra time to fully walk the property, take photos and make notes. If you decide to skip this step, any damages that was at the property before your lease, is now YOUR issue.


The last important mistake you absolutely do NOT want to take, is not getting renters insurance! This is such an inexpensive way to protect you and your belongings. You wont realize how valuable this coverage is, until you are in a situation where insurance is needed!

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3 comentarios

Love the blogs! Great tips and reminders. These really do go a long way when renting!

Me gusta

Glad they are helpful! Now you can use them for the next move!

Me gusta

Could have used these when I first moved!!

Me gusta
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