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This Property Management company is very hands on and I appreciate the level of customer service from each and every member of this staff. They are very attentive and here to help with any question or concern you may have, they make the renting process hassle free

Megan B.

They are an awesome company to work with and truly care about their customers.

Anna Yardy

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COMPANY!! I moved from FL to CA and was able to move in within 48 hours of arriving to Modesto. This company was very flexible with my move in costs, date, interview, and they seemed just as eager as I was to get me in a home. Ive had awful landlords in the past and Piercing Instincts is a breath of fresh air. My unit is a fair price and well maintained. If you have dogs, you dont have to stress with Piercing Instincts! You wont regret signing a lease with them.


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